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The “Free Mentorship at the Park” Programme is a FREE open mentorship programme offered by Make a Mark Africa Youth Development (MAMA) in partnership with Ilada Holdings, a Personal Development and Training Company and any available partner, to young people, between the ages of 13 – 35 years in South Africa. 

It is in these monthly free gatherings at the park that MAMA, Ilada Holdings and its partners hope to create a platform in which young people can be empowered through information sharing. We believe that the park is a suitable space where young people can share ideas without having to dress or try to meet a certain standard. It is a space where young people can be free and refreshed.
MAMA and Ilada Holdings, as the founders of the programme, believe in human capital and youth development.
  • The aims of the programme are:
  • ​​To provide free group Life, Business and Career Coaching and Mentorship to young people, through group meetings taking place once a month and discussion of different topics or issues around life, business and careers. Every attendee is encouraged to take the Free Mentorship at the Park Programme membership to further receive private mentorship where necessary. 
  • ​To Educate, Motivate, Support, Help, Inspire and Encourage many young people, though bringing different inspirational young people who will educate and share their journey with them.  
  • ​To create a network or a platform where young people can come and share ideas, success stories and create relationships that will benefit them now and in the future. This is done through giving them an opportunity to get to know each other during each session. There is also a WhatsApp group created where they can share ideas and keep connected to each other. 
  • To promote unity, ubuntu, love and caring among young people by bringing them together to share lunch and help each other.  
  • To promote education and success among young people through career coaching sessions. 
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